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  • UCM Risk Assessment Symposium 

    Popov, Georgi, PhD, QEP (2015-11-05)
  • Prevention through Design (PtD) for Hazards in Construction 

    Popov, Georgi, PhD, QEP (2015-09-03)
    With the results of a risk assessment in hand, the optimal move is Prevention through Design (PtD). In this session, you will learn how to affect that link and use PtD methodology for hazards specific to the construction ...
  • Bhopal Bow-Tie Tool 

    Popov, Georgi, PhD, QEP (2015-08-14)
    The Bow-Tie method can be combined with other techniques to address more sophisticated risks. To demonstrate, a FMEA and Bow-Tie are combined in the following Bhopal Disaster Case Study.
  • Loneliness Among Older Adults and Proposed Strategic Program for Intervention 

    Akinbohun, Patricia U. (2015-07-30)
    The issue of loneliness is of great concern in the lives of the older adults. Few studies have examined the enormous impact of loneliness in the life of the older adults residing in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in the ...
  • The Monotone Catenary Degree of Block Monoids 

    Card, Alexander (2015-07-27)
    The block monoid B(G) of a finite abelian group G is the set of zero-sum sequences g1 · · · gn such that !n i=1 gi = 0 with operation given by concatenation. A factorization z = α1 · · · · · αn of length |z| = n of α ...

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