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  • Does American Individualism Change Yoga's Original Purpose? 

    Strode, Ronald B. (2013-12-12)
    This study seeks to examine how American institutions and value orientations affect the spirituality of yoga. Secondary data is used to argue how social institutions exercise their power to influence the behaviors of ...
  • Perception of Healthcare Providers on HIV/AIDS in Older Adults 

    Bharati, Anisha (2017-06-15)
    This research looked at knowledge of health care providers on HIV/AIDS specific to older adults and their views on their roles in preventing or dealing with HIV/AIDS in older adults. Data were collected using semi-structured ...
  • The Values of Stay-at-Home and Working Fathers 

    Rooks, Pam (2012-10-19)
    Using stay-at-home and working fathers as a lens for exploring differences in values constructs among parents, this research showed some supportive evidence for a current evolution away from traditional, breadwinning ...